Minnesota state law requires that a licensed and registered Animal Chiropractor receive a signed referral from the pet’s primary Veterinarian. This is a quick process and only takes a few minutes of your time. Once this vet referral form is completed we will take care of the rest! This form can be found here: Veterinary Referral Form

Additionally, we need a little information about your pet. Please print and fill out the intake form for either a small animal or large animal here: Small Animal Intake Form or Large Animal Intake Form

After these forms have been filled out and signed we can set up your pet’s first visit. Your first visit can take place in a few locations, depending on what you prefer. Currently Dr. Jessica sees patients at the Delano Veterinary Clinic, Pets Inn Resort, and Vet Partners Pet Hospitals in both Plymouth and Edina. She can also make house calls if you would prefer, with an added travel fee. Your pet does need to be a current patient to be seen at these locations.

During the first visit Dr. Jessica will start with a discussion of the animal’s complete medical history (past illnesses, traumas, surgeries, medications, conditions). This gives her an idea of what has happened with the animal in the past and may give her clues of where to focus her chiropractic examination and treatment.
Following a history of your pet’s health Dr. Jessica will perform a chiropractic examination which will include postural analysis, gait and movement analysis, range of motion testing of the spine and extremities, and static and motion palpation of the spine and extremities to detect areas of joint restrictions or areas of hypomobility. Your pet will be adjusted according to these findings. Dr. Jessica typically suggests at least two to three visits to address your pets’ health issues. The course of treatment will vary and be specific to your pets’ needs and your goals.

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